298600, Yalta, st. Sverdlov, house 13/2
Republic of Crimea




"Taxi Crimea 24" - phone: 8 (800) 505-13-70. Travel time is 1.5 hours. The cost depends on the class of the car and lie within 1600 rubles up to 2000 rubles.Destination address: Yalta, Sverdlova St., 13/2 (in the navigator 4, Drazhinsky St.)..

Public transport:
Trolleybus number 55 from the airport to the bus station of Yalta. Stops at the airport of Simferopol.

Stop at Yalta bus station

kontaktyroute 01

Departure interval of intercity trolleybuses from the terminal station "Airport" is 15 minutes. The route starts at 5.50 and ends at 21.59.

Travel time is 3 hours.
kontaktyroute 02

The fare on the trolleybus is 138 rubles.

Trolleybus № 1 from the bus station of Yalta stop "5th quarter" to the stop "Sovetskaya Square".

Stop "5th quarter".

kontaktyroute 03

Stop "Sovetskaya Square".

kontaktyroute 04

The interval of trolleybus traffic is 5-15 minutes. The route starts at 5.52 and ends at 21.30.
The road takes 10 minutes. The cost is 14 rubles.
Then walk through the underground passage in the direction of the high-rise building "Edinburgh tower", ul.Sverdlova, 13/2 (in the navigator street Drazhinsky, 4a).

Underground crossing

kontaktyroute 05

From the underground crossing to the right

kontaktyroute 06

Through the square

kontaktyroute 07

From here you can see our building

kontaktyroute 08

Go down the path

kontaktyroute 09

We are in place!

kontaktyroute 10

The road takes 10 minutes