Where to eat

Canteen «Pelmeny»
city of Yalta, st. Sverdlov Str. 8
Cafe home cooking "Pelmenaya" is located at the crossroads of Sverdlov and Drazhinsky streets, not far from the city embankment and the beach. The road from the nearest public transport stop "Roosevelt Street" to the cafe will take five minutes.

The interior and furnishings of the establishment correspond to its status: a spacious bright hall, comfortable, but unremarkable furniture, several landscapes on the walls.

But the variety of dishes in the menu "Pelmeny" is always "on top"! In addition to the traditional self-made dumplings (with beef, pork or lamb), the guests will also be offered a salted hodgepodge, a Black Sea ear, homemade roast, cabbage rolls and a variety of vegetable salads. Lovers of sweet necessarily have to taste vareniki with cottage cheese or cherry and traditional Crimean lemonade.

Canteen "Аt home"

city of Yalta, st. Drazhinsky, 33 b
(on the east side of Massandra beach works in summer)

Establishments of the "Dining-in-Home" network are very popular. They are located in different parts of Yalta, not far from popular tourist places. Each of the institutions has a unique original interior. This branch is located on Drazhinsky Street.

The menu offers a large selection of dishes of Russian and European cuisine, as well as a wide range of drinks. On the first guests can order rassolnik home-style, spicy meat solyanka or refreshing okroshka, for the second - chicken fillet baked with cheese and vegetables, pilaf, shish kebab from pork or Black Sea mackerel.

Canteen "Crimea"
Canteen "Crimea"




If you are a connoisseur of hot home cooking with its unforgettable tastes and flavors, if you think that each dish should be cooked with a soul, you should definitely visit the dining room "Crimea". Here the food is very tasty and very inexpensive!

Despite the fact that the dining room "Crimea" is located almost in the heart of Yalta, it has established such a pleasant atmosphere of home peace and coziness, that from here you hardly want to leave.

Polite staff, a large selection of first and second courses, amazing, melting desserts of your own production in the mouth - it's nice to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, the institution works in a very convenient schedule: from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm.

Dining room "Lilac"

Welcome to the dining room "Lilac", which is located in the heart of Yalta, near the Massandra beach. In our cozy dining room at your service delicious home-style dishes, the newest air conditioning and air purification systems, as well as a large TV. Here you can eat delicious and hearty snack at affordable prices.

Dining room "Violet"

Dining room "Violet" is a catering establishment at reasonable prices. A wide range of always fresh dishes, high quality of service, a cozy room, a long working day. Here, each visitor can choose their own dishes. Hot first courses are always ready here, a varied menu of second courses and side dishes, pastries and a wide range of drinks. The high quality of service will enable you to have a hearty breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere, eat lunch and have a tasty dinner with minimal expenses of your time and finances.